Property Handover


Introducing Property Handover service in Dubai, offering peace of mind with in-person guidance, expert inspections by trained engineers, and trust and transparency in every transaction. Whether you’re investing as little as AED 5K or AED 50 Million, enjoy complete convenience and a full year of free property management. From taking possession with confidence to effortless paperwork and professional property inspections, we make sure your satisfaction is our success. Ready to make your property dream a reality without struggle or complexity? Reserve your spot today with Fahd Dawood, and let’s bring your property dream home to you.

Original price was: $3,000.Current price is: $1,500.

Why Choose Property Handover Success?

  • Peace of Mind: Our in-person service ensures that you’re never alone in the process. Let our professional team take care of all the government and developer paperwork, inspections, and property management.
  • Expert Guidance: Confused by legal jargon? Worried about hidden risks? Our experienced team provides detailed handover guidance and professional inspections by fully trained engineers.
  • Trust and Transparency: At FD Global Properties, we value your trust. That’s why we make sure every element of the deal is properly referenced, and your investment is safeguarded.
  • Complete Convenience: Whether you’re investing AED 5K or AED 50 Million, we’re here for you. Our service is designed for busy individuals who value professional assistance.
  • First-year Property Management (FREE): Enjoy the luxury of having your property managed for an entire year, including rent collection in up to 4 cheques.



Outcomes of Property Handover Success:

  • Take Possession with Confidence: A detailed step-by-step handover process, documented and carried out by an experienced team.
  • Professional Property Inspection: Get a full inspection report (up to AED 3,000) and avoid cosmetic snagging (Third party charges apply ).
  • Effortless Paperwork: We’ll handle everything, including registration for DEWA/Emicool, ready for handover.
  • Happiness Guaranteed: Your satisfaction is our success. Let us bring your property dream home to you. Pun intended.

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