Strategy Development Session


Welcome to the future of property investing in Dubai! Our Real Estate Strategy Development Session is an exclusive one-on-one engagement where we delve into your investment aspirations and financial situation to shape your property journey. This 120-minute, intensive session doesn’t just show you the way; it paves the path with a 5-point action plan tailored just for you. Gain insights from case studies, understand the market with forecasts for up to 5 years ahead, and learn how to leverage your financial plan to meet your property goals. Don’t let  the opportunity slip away – sessions are limited due to the personalized nature of the approach. Take the reins on your investment journey and redefine your future. Secure your spot in our Real Estate Strategy Development Session today!


  • Personalized Approach: A one-on-one 2 hours session tailored to your specific investment goals.
  • Time-saving: This allows for a more streamlined approach to your property investments, saving valuable time.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: A thorough 5-point action plan detailing your investment journey.
  • Financial Planning: A custom financial plan to align your financial situation with your property goals.
  • Market Insights: Forecasts and insights about the real estate market for the next 1, 2, and 5 years.
  • Learn from Others: Detailed case studies to help you avoid common pitfalls.
  • Wide Range: Suitable for any budget, regardless of the size of the investment.


Participants in the Real Estate Strategy Development Session can look forward to:

  • A dedicated one-on-one session with Fahd Dawood, conducted in-person at the Dubai office for local clients, or via a Zoom call for international clients. This session is designed to provide in-depth strategic discussions for up to 2 hours.
  • Within 24 hours post-session, they will receive a customized strategic document, tailored to their unique investment goals. This strategy will serve as their comprehensive guide to navigating the property market, enabling them to confidently find and evaluate potential properties and investment opportunities in Dubai.

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