How to Secure Your First Deal in the Dynamic Market


Are you an aspiring real estate agent looking to kickstart your career in Dubai? Securing your first deal in this dynamic market can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps and strategies to help you achieve success in the competitive world of real estate Dubai. From finding a mentor to building a strong network, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your mark in this thriving industry.


Dubai’s real estate market is renowned for its rapid growth and lucrative opportunities. As a budding real estate agent, getting your first deal in this competitive landscape requires a strategic approach and diligent efforts. By following these essential steps, you can position yourself for success and pave the way for a flourishing career in real estate Dubai.

Start with Rental Transactions:

In your first month, focus on rental transactions. While some may perceive rentals as less prestigious, they provide an excellent opportunity to gain experience, build rapport with clients, and showcase your skills. Renting out apartments, offices, or warehouses will help you establish a strong foundation in the market.

Find a Mentor:

One of the most valuable assets you can have as a novice real estate agent is a mentor. Look for someone who has at least two to five years of experience in the Dubai market. By learning from their expertise and shadowing their activities, you can gain valuable insights, industry knowledge, and guidance that will accelerate your learning curve.

Build a Strong Network:

Networking plays a pivotal role in the real estate industry. Every day, make it a priority to add a minimum of ten new contacts to your database. These contacts should include their first and last names, email addresses, mobile numbers, and ideally, their PO Box details. Leverage your existing network, social media platforms, events, and referrals to expand your connections and increase your chances of finding potential clients.

Make Daily Calls:

Communication is the key to success in real estate Dubai. Commit to making a minimum of ten calls each day to reach out to potential clients. Utilize your network, social media connections, and referrals to identify prospects interested in buying, renting, or selling properties. Establishing personal connections and showcasing your expertise through these calls will help you build trust and credibility.

Conduct Property Visits:

To gain a deeper understanding of the market and gather ideas for client presentations, aim to visit at least ten properties every week. This hands-on experience will enhance your knowledge of different areas, property types, and market trends. Additionally, it will allow you to showcase your expertise to potential clients by providing valuable insights during property tours.

Implement Effective Communication Strategies:

Regular and targeted communication is vital for real estate success. Send a minimum of ten personalized emails or messages per day. These can include property updates, project promotions, market insights, or follow-ups with potential clients. By demonstrating your dedication and keeping clients informed, you position yourself as a reliable and proactive agent.

Explore Diverse Networking Opportunities:

Don’t limit your networking efforts to traditional channels. Embrace opportunities to connect with potential clients outside of formal settings. Strike up conversations in elevators, engage with people at malls, or visit car showrooms to interact with managers and explore potential partnerships. Every interaction is an opportunity to expand your reach and uncover new business prospects.


In conclusion, breaking into the real estate market in Dubai requires a strategic and persistent approach. By focusing on rental transactions, finding a mentor, building a strong network, making daily calls, conducting property visits, implementing effective communication strategies, and exploring diverse networking opportunities, you can pave the way for your first successful deal in real estate Dubai. Remember, consistency, determination, and a customer-centric approach are the keys to thriving in this dynamic market.

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