How to Choose the Right Property for Investment?

Navigating the diverse landscape of Dubai’s real estate market can be challenging, especially for those new to investing in this dynamic environment. Fahd Dawood, with his extensive 15-year experience in Dubai real estate, offers valuable insights into selecting the best type of property for investment. This article delves into his expert advice, helping both first-time and seasoned investors make informed decisions.


Understanding the Market: A Blend of Medium to High-End Properties

Fahd Dawood emphasizes the importance of focusing on medium to high-end properties in Dubai. While the allure of luxury properties is undeniable, they often come with high service charges and a smaller pool of potential buyers. This can lead to longer resale periods and higher vacancy rates. On the other hand, the low-end market can pose challenges in terms of maintenance and tenant quality.

The Ideal Investment: A Balance of Quality and Affordability

For most investors, the sweet spot lies in properties that offer a balance between quality and affordability. These properties tend to attract a wider range of tenants and buyers, ensuring consistent demand and easier resale. Service charges in this segment are more manageable, making them a cost-effective option for long-term investment.

Why Choose Two or Three Bedroom Apartments?

Fahd recommends two or three-bedroom apartments as ideal choices for investment in Dubai. These units tend to retain tenants longer, reducing vacancy periods and turnover costs. For example, a tenant staying for five years in a three-bedroom apartment can significantly enhance the return on investment due to reduced vacancy losses compared to smaller units.

Townhouses and Villas: The Appeal of Larger Units

In the townhouse and villa segment, Fahd suggests focusing on three or four-bedroom units. These properties cater to families seeking stability and space, thus promising longer tenancy periods. Larger units like these often move from the three-bed to the four-bed category, maintaining a steady demand in the market.

Commercial Properties: Large Spaces and Long-Term Leases

For those considering commercial investments, Fahd advises looking at larger office spaces or retail shops. Properties with over 3,000 square feet are ideal as they are more likely to secure long-term tenants, often on five-year leases. This approach mirrors the residential strategy of focusing on stability and long-term gain.


So Investing in Dubai’s real estate market requires a strategic approach, balancing between luxury and affordability. Fahd Dawood’s insights provide a roadmap for investors to navigate this market successfully. By focusing on medium to high-end residential properties, and larger, stable commercial spaces, investors can optimize their returns while minimizing risks. For personalized advice and further assistance, Fahd Dawood’s team is always ready to help, ensuring your investment journey in Dubai is both profitable and fulfilling.

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